Podcast Transcription

Podcast Transcription

Improve Your SEO with Podcast Transcription

Without transcripts, your podcasts are basically sealed blobs of linearly accessible content. Someone looking for a tidbit of useful information such as the name of a program or an app is not going to want to listen or relisten to an entire podcast.

Take a lesson from Steve Gibson of Security Now!. There’s not a word this security guru utters that isn’t searchable on Google after 12 years and 620 episodes of his weekly podcast with Leo Laporte on TWiT.tv. Check out our informed and professional — and very long! — transcripts at GRC.com.  Two versions (text and HTML) are available for download with every podcast.

If you’re interested in something shorter and more accessible, check out Velociteach’s Manage This Podcast transcripts at Velociteach.com.  These bimonthly podcasts are roughly 30 minutes in length, and the transcripts can be found on the browser page along with the audio for an easy read-along experience.

Send an email to elaine@edigitaltranscription.com for a transcription quote for your podcast, or fill out our Transcription Quote Request form.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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