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Principal or principle?

  • Again, I am in awe of your fastidiousness!  Best wishes. — Daniel Farrell
  • Thank you very much for turning this around so quickly, Elaine.  It will make a huge difference for me.  — Trey Popp
  • Awesome work! You nailed it! — Lucas TC
  • Dependable. Thorough. Accurate. You are a pleasure to work with. Thank you for the quick turnaround time. — Celeste Clancy
  • Foreword or Forward?Thanks again very much for all your efforts in creating the transcripts. It’s very much appreciated and valued! — Mark T.
  • All of us on the project appreciate your excellent and quick work. We enjoy reading these interviews almost as much as listening to them. — Philippe Aubuchon
  • You are the BEST, and that’s why we love you. — Joyce Waterman
  • Tenant or Tenet?Thank you for the spectacular service and involvement. It’s VERY clear to me that I could never have picked a better transcriptionist … and I consider it something of a miracle that I found someone so terrific. — Steve Gibson
  • I just wanted to let you know that the customer was thrilled with the job you did. Thanks for doing a wonderful job. — Bryan Clark
  • You. Totally. Rock. Seriously, you’re awesome. — Sam Hughes
  • Freeze or Frieze?Thanks for such quick and excellent turnaround.  It is changing our writing style altogether, and I just love it. — Tim Sanders
  • You are the best that I have ever used. — Jackie Parente
  • You rock! I just looked the transcript over and you have done an EXCELLENT job! Thank you so much. You have done so much — saved me so much time. You have a real skill, and you work fast! I am just thrilled that I found you on the web. This is going to be such a help for my dissertation progress. — Aana Vigen
  • Breech or Breach?Wow!! I’m truly impressed. Thank you. — Erich Schienke
  • The video I am doing … is almost done and is looking very good. I appreciated having a reliable transcript to work with. — Liz Williamson
  • Wonderful! Thanks so much. Very fast turnaround — we like that. You are permanently in my Rolodex. — Laila Asbergs
  • Thanks for the beautiful job. You got every term right on the button. Don’t know how you do that. — Vince Reardon
  • Wow, this is great. Thank you so much. I am very impressed and we will definitely be using you for all of our interviews. — David Abel

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